Understanding Brand DNA


You can expect your business branding ventures to be a success, only if you are aware of a term known as brand DNA. The brand DNA serves as the basis for all types of tactics and strategies that you make use of over the long term, to provide your business products and services with a unique appeal, that gives them the distinctiveness that is necessary for the establishment of competitive advantage. To know more about the brand DNA and what it entails, read on. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 

There are three interlocking parts that the brand DNA is characterized by. These are Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the story of culture and the use of archetypes as made famous by Carl Gustav Jung. The hierarchy of needs as established by Maslow, was conceived to arrive at an understanding as to how certain groups or segments of customers can establish strong and positive relationships with certain brands while others fail to do so effectively. These brands were labelled as cult brands, and this discrepancy that was witnessed in humanistic psychology led to the conception of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Such needs were described on the part of Maslow as being instictoid in the sense that they have an instinctual function in much the same way that a flight or fight response does. 

At a certain level, these needs have the capacity to motivate all actions that we undertake in our day to day lives, the goals we set for ourselves, and to some extent, it motivates our purchasing behavior as well. In this respect, what is important note is that not every brand is capable, of satisfying the same needs. Hence it is important to arrive at a rigorous understanding of customer needs so that the strategy and the message of the brand reiterates what it is that motivates customers to make a purchase of your brand in the first place. Brands must always need to play to strength in order, to successfully attract the attention, the interest, and the long-term custom of their target audience. 

The Story of Culture 

The story of culture is one that has its basis in comparative mythology. It takes into consideration the type of hierarchy that is associated with human needs as well as archetypes with a view to understanding how this can be manifested into solutions for resolving tensions in the subculture and culture of customers. 

It is necessary to understand the story of culture as a business owner, if you want to acquire an accurate realization of how it is that you resolve problems and issues that appear to be quite significant in the lives of your customers, using your products and services and how it is that you can position yourself most significantly against your various rivals and competitors in the industry. The story of culture highlights the value that your brand is given in the lives of customers. 

Jungian Archetypes 

You need to be well versed with the term Jungian archetypes as well if you wish to understand more about Brand DNA and everything that it constitutes. Archetypes were viewed by Carl Gustav Jung as being patterns that are fueled by instincts. These are evolutionary psychic structures, and the term collective consciousness was used by Carl Gustav Jung, to describe the sum-total, of all, of these structures as being something, that is capable of, influencing the psyche of human beings. 

How it is that we organize ourselves and the various ways in which we interact with the world around us is well defined by such archetypes. Understanding Jungian archetypes is imperative for brand building, as it makes you aware of the various patterns that you can reinforce to impact the psyches of your customers in a positive way, while avoiding any negative impact. 


Thus, understanding Brand DNA can be a useful and effective way by which you can tune into the desires and interests, needs and motivations of your customers, and build your brand using a strategy that gives it plenty of appeal in the eyes of your target audience. 

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