Organisational training and workforce competencies and task readiness

There are many major as well as subtle differences while you are training small teams or departments against while you are in the responsibility of designing frameworks for training a much larger organisation.

This is precisely because the larger organisation is much more complex with its own hierarchical and reporting structure when compared to small teams or small organisations. The behaviour of an organisation is found to vary across business units and functions.

The training at the organisational level should be to hone the core competencies of the organisation and align the workforce to organisational core values and goals. The workforce is not only expected to be task ready, but also should be prepared to add value to its value network that consists of customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. 

According to Jack Welch, “An organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is that company’s competitive advantage”.

In the long run, organisation training programmes should be such that it aims to convert the key employees into efficient leaders who are effective in implementing the organisational goals and roadmaps. On a micro level, it aligns the employee’s attitude, personality and values to the vision, mission and core values of the organisation.

Organisational development professionals play a major role as change agents in organisational level training and are offered a door into the organisation to actualise these changes.

During such assignments, such professionals would study the organisation based on frameworks and models and latest industry practises working closely with the heads of the organisation and HR division.

As an organisation becomes more big and complex, there might be requirements to standardise the training and development processes. There might be workforces which are fluid to change and offer least resistance, but sometimes they will need to tread a path of high resistance.

It is the learning imparted through levels of training and the flexibility imparted to the workforce is what makes the entire process of training and change management a smooth one.

Big companies now have huge demand for effective training contents that will cater to their employees based on industry trends.

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