Organizational culture; balancing efficiency and creativity

An organizational culture refers to the values, ethics and behaviors encompassing to create the atmosphere for healthier and better psychological environment in the business. Every company has its unique culture inside. The environment created in the workspace can talk a lot about how the employees work and how well they do.

The culture in one organization can be helpful in multiple ways. The alignation of the employees with the culture can bring people together and help through the difficult times and also it can create a safe space for everyone to be open and accepting about each other’s ideas.

Creating a better workspace environment can have two approaches; one where the employees comfort and  giving them space to bring out their creativity or not wasting time and focusing on the efficiency of the employees. The first one can mean to providing comfort and letting the ideas bubble, it’s about increasing the images and evolving new ideas. The later is more into focusing on doing the work and avoid any unnecessary wastage of time. The focus here is on production.

When we talk about efficiency and creative, a lot of times it can seem like these are mutually exclusive whereas it isn’t. Efficiency can be brought up by creating new systems and ways to do the work faster. Once that is done, there would be time left for the space of creativity. Bringing these two aspects of betterment can lighten up the work stress and increase the benefits.

Creativity can be developed by providing the time space and letting the ideas pop and evolve. Wherein, creating efficiency can be a bit more than that. The development of efficiency in the employees, to begin with needs observation of their ups and downs and later training and assessing them accordingly. The observation on the employees can be easy for any well structured company and up skilling them accordingly becomes relatively easy.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan

On this note, the team work and creating a better space for each in the work environment can work wonders.


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