Brand Consultancy
With a brilliant team of creative designers & brand strategists, we have been recognised as one of best branding agency in Kochi,Kerala


“Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.”  – Elon Musk


Branding experts provide you with analysis of the respective market and strategies for the best of the sales of your product. Brand consulting can help you find the best marketing strategy for your product to sell itself.

We help to build a powerful and enduring brand by positioning them in highly competitive market with right approaches & plans based on market studies & researches.

grow your business digitally & visually!

Ourea takes one step more in building brands to create a story that portrays a stronger brand identity whilst expressing vital information and deepening the customer trust. We help you to create superior brands with the wholesome experience with a well defined and executed strategy to help you build ya string emotion with your customer increasing brand equity.


We craft brand ,We create stories, We create and design your brand in such a way that it speaks for you, enhancing your recognition and providing you a higher audience leaving a mark on your audience.


We develop strategies that drive business growth! Our experts of strategic marketing, guide you and help you find perfect opportunities, create market holding strategies and deliver the top notch customer satisfaction.


We don't design,we create visual treats!! Designing is our magic bean, we offer several designing services to compliment your business needs accurately. From logos to website, brochures, we handle everything.


Go Digital, Boom Business! With our best Digital Marketing service, you are always within arm’s reach of your target audience. Drive your business with us.


We show your story with style Our digital storytelling skills to explain your idea, product or service to the world. We break down complicated ideas.

PR & Media

Showcase your brand We help you in developing strategic campaigns that drive your brand’s awareness and create a point in the industry.

Our Consulting Services


Corporate branding keeps your standard high and reflects professionalism. We as corporate branding consultants find the perfect strategies and ways to higher and maintain the standards of your corporate firm. We make sure that your brand reflects its values and cores and keep up with the trends to be in the market.

Digital Branding Consultancy

In the era of virtual world as a new normal, we find you best strategies to hike your sales and values by giving you the exact presence that you need to target the right audience. We can help you find the right way to establish your brand as a relevant and fresh entity.

Fashion/Food consultancy

Appealing to the target audience is a vital process in branding. Our consultants will help you present yourself in such a way that you convey your message accurately. Ourea’s network extends deeply into the field and can provide you with perfect tricks and techniques to make you visible to relevant safe crowds.

Brand Launch Consultancy

India being a developing country has been developing opportunities for start ups more than ever now, hence customers have plenty of choices. A good launch in a competitive market paves your way into the crowd. Ourea helps you launch your project in the best possible way with consideration with the trends to get you noticed just right.

Image and Brand Consulting

Building a brand isn’t a one day job, it takes more than just being in the limelight. It needs gradual watering of polite engagement and quality work to build the trust. Ourea helps you find the right strategies, build your rapport, increase your quality and present your way in the best possible way.


Personal Branding Consulting

Business or daily load of work can be a little too much, and in your busy schedule priorities might be left off like enhancing your personal brand. Personal branding is your essence out there. Ourea helps you with developing, maintaining and strategizing your brand to enhance your influence.

Brand Design Consultancy

A remarkable brand has a unique tagline, slogans and of course logo. Ourea has experts who find out the best compliment for your story and design your identity to get you the attention and provide your clients with a visual treat.

Our Core Area of Expertise

br stra


Our brand strategist will offer you hourly/ monthly retainer services that allow us to discuss strategies and opportunities to establish & grow your venture with the right branding approaches. Our experts will also guide you with proper marketing plans & help your position your brand in the target market.

brand dev


Ourea believes in delivering an extensive brand approach to provide a unique identity to the brand.The subject matter expert professionals will offer your sessions & guidance to develop your brand into the fullest potential bring the best out of your organisations



Collaboration & partnerships with like minded organisation & professionals helps you to connect better with members of business community & startup ecosystem.Our team offers guidance to help you align companies to enhance their value & brand equity.

digital pr


The Ourea crew will help your brand to establish a digit presence through various channels like social media handles .This connects your targeted audience with your brand.Our process enables individuals/organisation to raise their online standards to the best so as to get recognised on a global platform.

Ourea as a Brand Consultancy

-We Serve to figure a brand name that suits your venture ,design a logo,determine an appropriate brand architecture,develop a brand positioning statement,formulate the brand extension strategy
thereby establishing a brand in a 360 degree perspective.

-Guide the delivery of the brand promise across all touch points with a clear understanding of the brand.Our experts help you to have an enhanced brand credibility & market presence through builing recognition & awareness via various events & programs.

We focus on

-As one of the leading branding company in Kerala ,we develop brand strategy to starups /SMB’s/ Corporates along with implemention for clients to establish a better brand outreach.

Small Businesses

Reinvent your venture aligning modern trends with organisational culture along with focusing on vision & goals to strengthen & scale your company/organisation.

Personal Brands

We help you strategize & build your personal brand around your unique value and competencies along with positioning you in market to grab the attention of your targeted audience.

Start Ups

Ourea sets a brand strategy for you establish the foot in the business community by generating awareness of your product/service among the business community providing you a brand identity.