Design Collaterals
Professionalise your venture with our designing services that helps you get a get a corporate identity among the business community

Design Services

Ourea is one of the leading creative graphic design company with expertise in designing flyers, banners, logo, graphics and other artwork. We specialise in creating business collaterals & marketing Collaterals that will gives you a professional identity among your targeted audience.Grow your business with a stunning visually appealing designs that will attract your potential customers to engage with you inturn helping in revenue generation of your organization.. Contact our experts for unique & customised designs .


Promoting Business through Capturing Designs

In a market that is now stiflingly competitive ,Ourea -the best designing agency in Kochi,Kerala helps you to stand out from your competitors via perfect design assistance that would reflects a bold proclamation of  your business catering to  a universal audience.We as an established designing company in Kerala serve corporates ,organisation & statups to reinforce your business by helping  you to  represents you as a brand with a vision of who you are, what you believe in and how you want to be perceived by your audience. 

Logo Designs

With our artistic & professional logo designs, we ensure that you to enhance your prominence of your Brand. As an experienced team of Logo designers in Kerala, we develop logos that perfectly relate to what the company stands for, represents its people, beliefs and goals in the most accurate manner.

Business Collaterals

Business stationary accentuates the character and culture of your company.We help clients to encompass their brand presence with every business stationary that your company uses in communicating with its customers and associates with a brilliant team of creative designers & brand strategists.

Marketing Collaterals

Marketing collateral are creating marketing materials that are informative and designed to promote the brand presence of company. Ourea designs your collaterals that help you to improve the sales of your product / service via brochures, catalogues, flyer & presentation slide.



The visual identity of  about your brand is primarily depicted with a conceptualised logo that connects your core company values with that of your related domain or service.Ourea is recognised as one of the best logo designing company in Kochi,Kerala .Everything that your organisation exemplifies is captiviated with the unique logo that is being designed &  customised exclusively for you.


Brand typography is a visual element arranging text in a engaging, interesting and legible way that gets the message across most appropriate ranges & legible way to represent your brand personality. Ourea as known to be one of the best branding agency in Kerala makes sure to choose a distinctive approach for each brand with its fully bespoke typeface exploiting the wide-ranging potential of typography to express themselves.

Color palette

Brand color palette is a crucial part of building a successful company identity. Ourea wisely uses  shades to represent your company in its logo & all other collateral including website designs inturn helping to underpin the defining elements of your business   more recognizable to your targeted customers..The colour palatte chosen by our team provides  your  brand , the best look-and-feel for long-term visibility!

Website Design

 A great web design should be minimalistic, functional and easy-to-process, keeping in mind what your product/service is about.
Since the website is key to getting leads, you need to focus on getting every element right, from design and copy to font and imagery.

Design Guidelines

Design guidelines /style guides are a set of clear-cut rules that define how the branding elements like logo, colors, and messages would be represented to your consumers. We offer design guidelines for Corporates /organisations to help them communicate to their targeted audience.  Design guidelines consist of core identity which includes the mission, vision, and nature of your business in a nutshell, and the brand assets such as logo, colour palette, typography and their proper usage represents the visual identity. Our pool of experts ensure developing excellent design services cementing the belief that we are the best branding agency in Kerala to be able to efficiently communicate within your business as well as externally with your partners, associates, and consumers.

Brand collaterals

Business Collaterals

Corporate Business Collateral refers to the collection of tangible content, media and devices promoting your brand. It’s a proof that your business exists and represents your brand’s values.Business stationery items come under these collaterals and will provide your brand with high visibility.Business stationaries accentuates the character and culture of your company as they help in building your company’s image and persona among your clientele. Moreover the custom business stationary shows your professionalism seals the trust  and improves your credibility along with helping in networking in the business community.Being the prominent branding agency in Kochi, Kerala we assure you  that we will  provide the best business collaterals which will display your corporate identity.





Marketing Collaterals

Marketing collateral refers to a collection of different media types, which is used to help improve the sales of a product or service. These brand collaterals include

Company Profile/E brochures/Brochures

The ultimate objective of a Company profile/Brochure  is to convey the distinction of a business to its target audience in an appealing and non-monotonous way.At Ourea ,our team of experts designs an ideal company profile /brochure incorporating the  detailing on aspects specific to the business, such as its logo, goals, philosophy, purpose, mission, vision, message, nature of product and service offered, purpose, mission, vision, message, etc..We verify thoroughly that the created collaterals convey well-articulated message & the  story  of your brand to the targeted audience.Brochures are yet another approach to  capture the attention of potential customers, especially in the case of small and emerging businesses that are on a tight budget.

Digital posters

Digital posters play a great role in  ultimate brand reinforcement tactics as they are comprehensive, enchanting, and feasible compared to other tools of branding.Relevant information displayed via digital posters help to communicate to your audience resulting in the best promotion of your products/services . Digital posters can be created for upcoming events, public announcements, or advertisements for new product line-ups or social media handles. Ourea realising the relevance of this popular mode of communication delivers the best of graphical designs collaborated with matching & specific content making the trust of our customers cemented that we are the pioneer digital & marketing agency in Kochi.

Product Catalogue /Pamphlets /Flyers

Catalogues /Flyers /Pamphlets are effective collaterals in creating customer engagements & ultimately supporting for lead generation.These are  powerful marketing tool that effectively helps in the endorsement of brands and services. Ourea firmly understands the importance of how a catalogue or a flyer can enhance the corporate image of your company by conveying the right message to the potential customers.This approach of  positively reflecting your business & promoting your brand awareness among your targeted audience in the most credible & effective manner makes us the leading brand agency in Kerala.


Presentation slides

A well-crafted presentation also demonstrates professionalism and helps to reinforce an organization’s corporate image. Focusing on this level of engagement ensures that you  message gets communicate  across to the audience.Our team at Ourea ensures to create a standard presentation that includes information about products, services or companies in a structured way that can  communicated to the potential audience in   a consistent way.An impressive pitch deck with a streamlined informative overview of your venture  is a key component in your fundraising toolkit that grabs the attention of your potential investors who can get excited about your idea and engage them in a conversation about your business, hopefully leading to an investment.

Content Collaterals

What sets Ourea to be one of the leading branding companies in Kerala is our ability to convey messages through beautifully & conceptually written conte t that take the attention of the global market.Our talented content writers connects the product /service to its customers via strategically woven content that helps to position one in the highly competitive market We have the best content creating & management services for  digital marketing purposes, web content ,brochures articles ,blogs ,scripts for videos and other related collaterals that could get your venture grab that relevant place among your audience along with outdoing your competitors .

Social media Designs

We create inspirational & interactive designs to engage with clients on social media platforms .Our illustrations & graphic elements convey message to the targeted audiences. Being an prominent design agency in Kerala ,we help clients to leverage the power of social media graphic in enhancing their business. Connect us for conceptualized and attractive social media designs that promotes your digital presence in turn boosting and strengthening your business by attracting potential customers.

Outdoor Promotion Designs

Enhance your brand outreach with outstanding designs

Outdoor adverting can be implemented through various creative mediums such as: · Hoardings ,Billboards & Signages.These when located in specific places that has high traffic of people,it enhances your outreach & business presence among the targeted audience.Ourea being recognised as one of the leading design agency in Kerala ,serves our clients with visually appealing & customised outdoor advertising designs.

Billboard Designs

A billboard is a huge advertising to attract targeted audience in high traffic areas .To promote your brand presence, connect for eye catching billboard designs which is an effective mode of visual communication.

Hoarding Designs

Understanding the location in which the boards are to be placed aligning with client’s requirements & brand colour schemes we create attractive outdoor hoarding designs.

Signage Designs

Signage boards are expanding communication mediums that respond to the viewer instantly and effectively.Being the leading designing agency in Kerala ,we create fabulous signage designs.