Digital Automation
We consistently deploy sophisticated marketing automation tools to address the complexity of modern day marketing trends to achieve the topnotch business results.We use digital tools to do the analytics which helps for active tracking & assessing the marketing & business growth making us the best digital marketing in Kerala.

An efficient marketing automation platform solution strengthen your business strengthened inside out , increasing sales and enhancing the customer experiences.Our Marketing automation approach always streamlines market segmentations ,lead nurturing ,lead generation and lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention, along with marketing ROI measurements.With the best digital marketing experts in team ,we consistently deploy sophisticated marketing automation tools to address the complexity of modern day marketing trends to achieve the topnotch business results.Being the top Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala , we ensure that our marketing strategies will guarantee quantifiable results & we focus to providing well-organised marketing tools that would strengthen your business help in scaling up.

Automation Platform

Our dedicated experts develop & strategise optimised marketing techniques that ensure great results.We assesses your existing marketing automation platform (if any) or create a platform and channelize it to attain maximum efficiency, ensuring revenue generation in business

Demand Generation

Ourea identifies the market needs & accordingly develops marketing automation to deliver demand generation services. We employ tried and tested methods along with creating new innovative, result-oriented technique compiling into comprehensive demand generation services.

Automation Management

Ourea focus on clients needs starting right from the initial stage to the final helping to generate a smooth sales .We always ensure to provide quality leads over quantity leads while making sure the potential leads are concerted. Our experts manages the entire the automation to avoid any technical glitches.



We use digital tools to do the analytics which helps for active tracking & assessing the marketing & business growth.s to strengthen your business. Our experts ensure that with help of proper marketing & digital tools, we keep accurate tracking on the customers & the business status. . Being the leading digital Marketing company in Kerala Agency ,we serve you with best digital analytics to guarantee quantifiable results.Active tracking and mapping processes empower your website traffic & ensure their productiveness in turn helping in business growth.

Ad Tracking and Measurement

Reckoned among the most reputable digital marketing companies in India, We help to analyse the marketing strategies and assessing results,& marketing implementation will be done accordingly based on assessments .Active tracking and mapping approaches strengthen the marketing strategies to work productively. Assessing the current business status and promotional methods implemented boosts your business cementing its future growth

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Invites qualified lead without spending much on advertising. Our conversion rate optimisation services will help you understand the visitor’s requirements and optimise their on-site experience. With qualitative and quantitative analysis of your website audience and digital marketing mix, we offer customised conversion optimisation that ensures solutions for successful conversions on your site traffic eventually leading to sales

Website ,DATA & Google Analytics

We perform detailed tracking of your website to deliver accurate performance analysis reports regarding the effectiveness and operative ability of your website.We make use of Google analytic services for responsive business development.We also assess the data collected to ensure that they are qualitative to be converted into potential leads.

Competitive Analytics

Our digital marketing experts & strategists offer top class competitor analysis will that help you to assess the market behaviour of your competitors.Once our crew does the SWOT analysis ,-the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relative to your competitors are identified ,then a comparison is been done that can assess the organisations status in present market.Our Competitive analysis strategies are formulated to enhance the marketing presence that will have a high impact on your business decisions.

Whataspp Business Integration

Whatsapp business services makes it easy to personally connect with your customers, highlight your products and services, and answer their questions throughout their shopping experience getting into direct response of client .WhatsApp can also help medium and large businesses provide customer support and deliver important notifications to customers.Connect us for exploring the benefits of WhatsApp Business integration services to derive numerous possibilities for engagement with customers


We create chatbots to enhance your engagements with clients to have better chances with lead generation.Our team of digital experts will ensure high conversions leading to outstanding ROI and business growth. through building chatbots that easily connect, converse and qualify leads to deliver MQLs. We add features such scheduling a meeting, sending notifications, and more allowing you to get more potential clients who turn into valuable, lifetime customers.