Digital Solutions
We consistently deploy sophisticated marketing automation tools to address the complexity of modern day marketing trends to achieve the topnotch business results.We use digital tools to do the analytics which helps for active tracking & assessing the marketing & business growth making us the best digital marketing in Kerala.

Marketing Strategies that Powers Business Growth

In a highly competitive industry ,aggressive growth-minded B2B Companies needs to implement the power of strategic marketing to generate warm leads, acquire new customers, and accelerate revenue growth. Marketing holds the key to building & scaling business . At Ourea -the prominent marketing agency in Kerala.,with our marketing experts & strategists, we help you to position your venture in the market with a competitive edge


Strategic B2B Marketing Plan Development

We believe that dependable products and services aren’t enough for emerging successful in the market.We focus on developing a detailed strategic marketing plan fro both B2B & B2C customers that will differentiate you from yourcompetitors. Our team provides you with a roadmap that identifies target audiences, sets priorities, and drives top-line revenue.

Email marketing

Email marketing combines the unique features of design flexibility, lower production costs, quicker turn around,testing different offers, showing new work, sharing information important to your clients and driving traffic to your website.In addition to this ,it is strong and the power tool in creating and building relationship with your customers.

Content Marketing

Creating extra-ordinary, relevant and valuable content can help to uphold and increase audience.Consistency in the content marketing can enhance the value and recognition of your brand and increase better awareness of your business. We understand the need and generate contents for the target audience leading to a higher lead generation.

Video Marketing

Ourea makes it a priority to provide the best-in-class video services to our clients. We provide the best video graphic services in Kerala as we have a history in creating amazing videos for our clients. We include all the elements for video from music to its final cut to create a mesmerizing visual to your targeted audience.

Influencer Marketing

With Ourea being considered as one of the best influencer marketing agency in Kochi, we help you ,curate market tapping strategies for brand popularity. We promote your venture through influencers who are well known in their particular domain.The chosen influencers who already has an established connection with the audience via various platforms like podcasts, live broadcasts, webinars, influencer marketing has a lot of methods to reach the audience in limited time build credentials. We help your brands to identify and collaborate with social media influencers to narrate fabulous brand stories to create more brand awareness of your venture

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates work on a commission basis with their own audiences, assets, and motivation. We help you to connect with business community for establishing right partnerships for your industry, product, and goals with affiliate relationships We get you tmore traffic, higher SEO rankings, and greater market share without the risk of throwing ad spend down the drain.Get connected to us to drive in & reap in the benefit of affiliate marketing


Paid promotion

Pay -per-click is a mastered action where we bring in website visits with paid ads to promote our brand rather than earning organic visits. Our social media marketing crew help to identify the exact keywords that strengthen your brand identity and manage the number of visitors and engagement on the website. We redesign and modify the ad setting for better results by optimising the PPC to improve the complete process,. Our experts use various tools to monitor click rates, bounce rates, engagement rates along with monitoring competitors and interchanging of text ,graphics & display variables for better results.

Business listing & link building

Local search is the use of specialised Internet search engines that allow users to submit geographically constrained searches against a structured database of local business listings.Link Building is the process by which you get incoming links to a website.A Link Building campaign is initiated to get incoming links to a website from other websites. The whole purpose behind link building or link development is to improve the link popularity of a website, or to improve the number of incoming links to a website

Social Ads

Social ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways to connect with our target audience. We help with Google Adwords ,Bing Ads & Paid social media ads to drive traffic to websites.We design visually appealing landing pages that encourage your target audience for better engagement. We develop conceptualised creative ads in Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ad networks, exchanges, etc. so as to build a connection with the potential customers & increase brand outreach. We maintain your promotional budgets efficiently with better results .

Email Marketing

Browsing email is a deep rooted activity in today’s life, it becomes a great platform to create awareness of your business. But again, standing out in the crowd is a task that needs consideration. Ourea helps you create unique and different newsletters and cover letters to grab attention and interest of the readers, which in turn increases the subscribers list, test email campaigns prior to delivery.An email marketing campaign is an email sent from a business to one or more customers or prospects.


Sharing the new events and stories in a creative, innovative and easy to understand way can of course create an interest in the reader which enhances the subscriber list and potential clients

Product Launch

Launching a product can be a big deal, and the presentation of the same will have an impact too. We create ways to present your product in the most creative ways. 

Drip campaigns

Sending out mails at a specific time after subscriptions for multiple mails can be useful for your newsletter. We help you out in sending out mails in a timely fashion to keep your subscribers.

E-mail marketing

A successful email marketing campaign will get the recipients to take action, engage with your business, and help you to get more leads and sales.  


Creating extra-ordinary, relevant and valuable content can help to uphold and increase audience. Content marketing has more priority than it seems to be as it speaks about and for the business.

Content Concepts

Creating the right content concepts for the target audience portraying your ideas and ethics can help you reach your business goals quicker and better to scale up your venture


Bringing up unique and relevant content is very important. We come with trendy and excelling creative contents that stad]nds out and grab the attention of targeted audience


Relevant and Informative content can create an awareness and grab the accurate attention in the necessary field. Posting content at the right platform can create better awareness.

Motion graphics /Video marketing

Ourea makes it a priority to provide the best-in-class video services to our clients. Video can be used in many different arenas: to remember a special event – personal or business-related, to promote a business’s featured service or product, to invite the public to a community event, to raise awareness about an issue, to tell a story, to rave about an experience, to educate, and the list goes on. We provide the best video graphic services in Kerala as we have a history in creating amazing Info graphic videos, service videos, animated videos, explanatory videos and logo revealing video for our clients. They always vouch back for our video services when required. As we all know videos grab more attention digitally than a written content , We include all the elements for video from music to its final cut to create a mesmerizing visual to the targeted audience.

Our Process

Ourea is a pro in strategising your business goal into that deal of a big wave of futuristic development that will take your brand into being the next big thing.Our carefully monitored and mentored approach delves deep into penetrating the market nuances for you and then guiding you to take the big leap only makes your journey to success ease.

Our Video Offerings

Logo revealing videos


We create your logo revealing movies to build your standards in the most epic way.

Explanatory videos

Short marketing videos to elaborate your services or products sound great right?


Company profile videos

Brand color palette is a crucial part of building a successful company identity. Ourea wisely uses  shades to represent your company in its logo & all other collateral including website designs inturn helping to underpin the defining elements of your business   more recognizable to your targeted customers..The colour palatte chosen by our team provides  your  brand , the best look-and-feel for long-term visibility!

Service videos

Creating a video to present your services can be very innovative and catchy and can help you find the right perspective.


Animated video


Animation can be your answer here, animated videos are always a treat to watch and it also leaves a mark on the viewer.

motion graphics

 A great web design should be minimalistic, functional and easy-to-process, keeping in mind what your product/service is about.
Since the website is key to getting leads, you need to focus on getting every element right, from design and copy to font and imagery.