Digital Strategy
Ourea, known for its reputations as the leading digital marketing company in Kerala , we formulate customised digital strategic approaches that will meet your business objectives for balancing between both your local & global targeted audience.

Drive strategically with Digital support.

Ourea as considered to be the best digital marketing strategy agency in Kerala, adopts innovative & smart digital strategies to help you build your business in highly competitive market. We conduct detailed analysis in regard to your domain and formulate customised digital approaches that will meet your business objectives for balancing between both your local & global targeted audience. Our prolific services generate opportunities for your venture to represent the best version of your business intern helping to scale up the ROI.


Brand Defines the ‘You’ in Your Business

At Ourea ,we ensure an efficient business operations of your organisation through right design approaches & strategies.We are one of the top rated digital marketing agency in Kerala offering pitch perfect digital solutions for developing a smooth & productive process within your company with timely implementation

Digital Collaterals

Our team of designers & strategists creates innovative & conceptualised visually appealing digital posters to attract more targeted customers by maintaining the brand standards and increasing the ROI thereby boosting the business growth of venture

Landing pages

Ourea identifies the market needs & accordingly create landing pages that is been customised according to your specific needs & the current trends of the market.We develop of catchy landing pages after analysing the consumer preferences.

Competitive Analysis

We conduct a thorough check on the status of your competitors with a detailed SWOT analysis & evaluate their digital presence in the industry.We accordingly adopt online approaches that makes you stand out among your competitors.

Benefits of our Digital PR


Brand positioning leaves a long-lasting impression on your customers. The more they associate positivity with your brand, the more likely they are to purchase from you rather than your competitors. Depending on various tactics such as competitive pricing, attractive packaging, and exciting promotions we can attract potential leads into customers and transform them into repeat customers.Ourea with its right strategic approaches helps to position a brand which in turn establishes us as one of the top-rated branding agencies in Kochi.

Digital PR Services

As early adaptors, we understand the new social media landscape and have experience in leveraging social media to promote clients. Besides utilising communication channels such as blogs, online communities, Twitter, digital press rooms, etc. in our PR programs we also offer Internet Marketing services including on-site and off-site analysis, keyword research and more.

Media Relations

Media attentions is quiet relavent in the industry to attract potential customers. Insightful dialogues and maintaining healthy relationships with media stakeholders are a key aspects of our communication programs. Our Services include: media, press release distribution to tailored media lists, journalists and analysts.

Editorial Services

Our team of experienced writers produces content for all platforms, whether online or offline. With an in-depth experience of across-industry writing articles, opinion pieces, press releases, white papers, web copy, sales and marketing collateral, the GlobalCom team will deliver compelling, punchy copy to support your communications.

Online Reputation Management

Ourea is s one of the leading digital marketing agency in Kerala that offers comprehensive solutions to build your brand and manage your online image. We have proven track record & experience in developing strategies that tailored to both B2B & B2C business needs. Our focus is on creating a strong online presence & boost your business by compiling a mix of marketing, search engine optimization [SEO], public relations strategies to promote and protect an online image.Considerd to be a leading digital marketing company we make sure that we take care of your brand’s image and safeguard online reputation in real time with closely analysing your brand perception in the community. Avail our online reputation management services to gain a competitive edge above your market rivals setting a bench mark.We help you in establishing a deep relationship with your customers, and prevent crises and at times handle it smoothly.

Competitive benchmarking

Competitive benchmarking helps in comparing your company against a number of competitors using a set collection of metrics. To understand where we stand in market.We help you to measure the performance of a company and compare it to others over time thorough a thorough SWOT analysis

Crisis Management

We help you diffuse negative comments & feedbacks thereby preventing a widespread crisis with the help of our rich analytics, alert mechanisms and crisis-centric data.We devise strategy for unexpected crises & emergency at corporate level with a proper planning of how to deal with them effectively


Digital branding help companies to expand the brand outreach using various online channels. & allows customers to engage with the brand in real time, creating a unique customer experience addressing their concerns & issues. At Ourea, our team works on building you strong to stand out from your competitors and making you their best choice.As a renowned digital marketing agency in Kerala ,we help ventures to establish a deep bond with their targeted audience