Entrepreneur India
“Entrepreneurship wasn’t my choice , but it became as a calling for me" - Anooja Bashir ,Founder Ourea

Entrepreneurship was not exactly her ideal career or dream spot, but today no matter what, she is always at the beck and call of the same. The story of Ms Anooja Bashir, a civil engineer turned entrepreneur has quite a lot of twists and pseudo-climaxes. Graduating as a civil engineer, she has played many important roles both in India & abroad from interior designer to project manager and yes, as a former assistant professor..Her exposure and conversance with both academia and the corporate for a tenure of more than ten years helped her in identifying the numerous rifts and fractures that existed between the adroitness of the academia and the dexterity demanded by the corporate.Anooja has with her, a plethora of experience , thus delineated her brainchild Ourea in 2017 as a private limited company, a one-stop consultancy service, that catered to all corporate requirements. Anooja created an adept team with a clear sense of purpose, measurable objectives and tenacious infrastructure as she established and organized a strong footing in entrepreneurial space with Ourea as a 360° Business Management Consultancy which topnotch services in Branding , Marketing,Digital marketing,Web development,App development , Business coaching , Corporate mentoring,industrial training and HR management.

Ourea with its notable vision and unflinching support to its mentees, designed and moulded educators, strategists, program managers, and technocrats. Today, The venture does all the chief stages of branding for individuals and organisations. The influence, experience and inspiration which Ourea holds thus helped over 100+ brands, both from scratch and revolutionizing the already existing establishments by giving them a facelift. The beauty of this endeavour lies in its majority of implementation being in the time of the pandemic. Ourea today, supports and strategizes branding, communication and web identity of umpteen organizations both business-to-business and business-to-customer oriented with more than 1000+ clientele. The beauty of this endeavour lies in its majority of implementation being in the time of pandemic where they developed an ed-tech platform called LIKES, an employability application that connected the employer and the employee. The notion and impression of the LIKES program pirouetted on the five essential elements of professionalism. In the past few months of recession, Ourea continued its strategy of transforming the talents into skilled employees to bridge the gap between tremendous opportunity and employee candidates. The idea was to get talents under the verticals of Marketing and IT, train them in accordance with the industrial standards and corporate necessities for two months with a stipend. The program resulted in developing a strong human resource system that was capable of bringing more productivity and it eventually worked out well increasing our turnover. Thus this startup created a solution for a long-lost problem of unemployability along with an increase in manifold revenue generation. She also is the co-founder & CMO of FlexiCloud which is a Cloud-managed hosting company. She has won many awards for her entrepreneurial skills and has been a speaker on a national and international Platform