Marketing Consultation
Ourea serves organisations in framing the foundation of corporate brand identity incorporating it's vision ,culture are the firm's mission and work making us the prominent brand agency in Kerala

Targeting the business objectives systematically

We adopt the best strategic marketing practices with our pool of experts who have more than a decade of experience making us the leading marketing agency in India .We help our clients scale up &  grow by identifying which markets they need to  penetrate for a consistent business growth.We ensure a systematic & strategic marketing approach that aligns with your sales to drive revenue and increase your ROI.We are one of the top rated marketing agency in Kerala offering  pitch perfect marketing services for developing a  smooth & productive process within your company with timely implementation


Our major priority is to synthesises our internal, customer, and market research into powerful messaging that sets you apart from the competitors and consistently  communicate your value .Our expert strategists develop content marketing strategies to educate targeted audience  on solutions to their problems they are facing .Further ,we monitor and capitalise on predictable indicators of their intention to become potential customers & leading them down the funnel.

Market Segmentation

Our team of marketing experts follow comprehensive techniques of market research by scanning the market and identifying the data gap with in-depth interviews and surveys. We categorize the target audience based on Behavioral Segmentation, Psychographic Segmentation, Demographic Segmentation, Geographic Segmentation & Firmographic Segmentation

Marketing Positioning

Consultants at Ourea help you to highlight your strengths that matter most in your buyers’ decision making process: Our strategic marketing consulting perform comparative analysis with that of competitors to strengthen your existing system. Being recognised as leading marketing agency we ensure to position your company and amplify revenue generation.

Market Analysis

Our team of marketing experts creates marketing strategies focused on the SWOT analysis of our clients competitive strengths, challenges ,expertise ,current status and projected segment growth, Centered on driving awareness, qualifying leads, supporting cross-selling opportunities along with positioning clients for future high-growth segments.

Virtual CMO services

Not seeing results from your agency or in-house marketing efforts? Our virtual CMO services are ideal for guiding your marketing team through a disciplined & responsible approach that generates measurable ROI.We help you in  positioning your organisation in the competitive market by driving  awareness and nurturing leads through technology, talent, and process.

Strategic Marketing

Marketing Automation

Social media strategy

WHY choose us ?

Ourea has been chosen by majority for their market support & is recognised as one of the leading marketing agency in Kerala for the strategic marketing services we offer & the benefits the clients absorb out of it in their business.

Verticals we work for

Reboot your venture with rebranding for optimal market impact

Ourea develops brand positioning strategy for you in your targeted market where clearly communicate your value proposition and key differentiators to connect with    your potential customers.Rebrand & strategise your plans to launch with off-strategy assets to stimulate your business growth. Our marketing consultants help you to boost your business via providing a new look with visual elements that stand out and attract potential clients.Connect for rebranding strategies