Brand Services

Here are the different marketing channels deployed by us for your business goals

Branding Services

a. Creating a Brand concept – the fundamental idea behind the birth of the brand making it stand out among your customers in a crowded market!

b. Building a Brand image and identity – An exclusive identity developed for the product/services displaying as a brand image to customers via business cards, letterheads, envelopes, posters

c. Mission and Vision and Values: Ourea will create a Mission, Vision and value statement justifying the reason for the existence of the brand along with futuristic projection.

d. Visual Branding – Our marketing experts will make your brand recognised by elements such as, brand name, logos, slogans, tag lines, product design and marketing messages making the product exclusive.

e. Brand story – Promoting the brand and telling its evolution in the form of a story putting it across a Video or a dynamic Website.

f. Brand Awareness – Our experts create brand awareness as printed materials like brochures, pamphlets, flyers so that customer can know more about the products and have a better recall.

g. Product strategy: A strategy developed by team to launch new products including the positioning, designing and marketing of the product. Sales presentation and sales scripts are created by our design team to explain the product in a better way. Whatsapp presentation is yet another approach adopted by the creative team to pitch sale more effectively.

h Promotional strategies : The product or services are sold by communication techniques including advertising, publicity, PR etc.

i. Other Branding collaterals: Social media images, Blog posts, graphics etc makes a better brand recall establishing the reputation of the brand.

Marketing Channels

Internet Marketing

Design and development of your website and other online assets for marketing purposes

Outbound Marketing

Doing calls on your behalf or posting ads on billboards, banners and websites.

Inbound Marketing

Using efficient SEO to ensure that people can find you with ease through relevant searches.

B2B Marketing

Establishing personal relationship between businesses so that deals can be sealed faster.

B2C Marketing

Helping to connect with customers who are probably already doing business with competitors.

Article Marketing

Writing relevant articles on your behalf and distributing them online and offline.

Direct Marketing

Approaching prospective clients directly on your behalf through calls, emails and direct selling.

Social Media Marketing

Promoting your brand through attractive posts to gain quality and widespread visibility.

Referral Marketing

Leveraging the power of word of mouth to gain new customers through existing ones.

Digital Marketing

Adopting unconventional yet effective techniques to capture the audience’s attention


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