Our Concepts of creating an organisation itself is to provide services with utmost perfection and excellence with a personal touch. What we do in Ourea is to bring out the best from your organisation and the individuals.

Our service include both corporate and non corporate consultant works with an ingenious team of professionals .Ourea has two wings in which OureaCorp deals with Corporate management services and the creative part is dealt by OureanSoul.

OureaCorp is a corporate wing of the company that provides services and support systems to improve the organisational performance. Due to our exposure to a wider domains, we are well versed with the best practices in the industry, which makes your extablishment rise to top standards.
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-We assist companies for hiring and recruiting the perfect candidates for the well built system.

– We train and coach employees and students by transforming their talents into skills bringing out their best performance.

-We strategise and plan projects from the initial stage to the final execution part involving all the sectors to deliver par excellence raising it to a brand.

-Ourea also supports organisation and individuals on technology implementation and other IT services.


Prayagaa is the conjunction point of Rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswathi. Our domain is where like the rivers, wisdom, refinement, and clarity is originated. We apply finishing school concept where every individual become an impeccable professional. We live in a highly competitive world. Your team members’ academic achievements make no sense if they are not able to set themselves apart from peers in the industry. That’s where our magic works.

Ourea Raagaa Marketing

Ragaa is like soul to any music likewise without strategies there is no working business. Even adept and hardworking companies cannot survive without marketing. We at Ourea have a comely team working on Raaga with branding and perfect marketing which enhances your business and takes it to the next level. An abundance of products struggles to make an impact after getting launched. This struggle is primarily because the brand has failed to engender an impact on the target audience. All you require is that boost up which our company specializes in.

Ourea Drishyaa IT

Technologies, as verbalized, is the future, that’s where Drishya comes in. All that Drishya does is to be the eyes of Ourea fixating on all IT cognate obstructions and applications. The way our company embraces technology will avail boost your chances of prospering in the business world. Haplessly, most companies don’t have much time to invest in an IT team to take care of technology requisites. That’s where we step in!

Ourea’s Sargaa HR Outsourcing!

Sargaa is the avail for ‘Talent’, where we at Ourea culls aptitudinal individuals and make them adroit by giving perfect training. Aptitude shouldn’t be wasted as its a gift, we at Ourea sharpens that aptitude making it into an impeccable adeptness. The past couple of years have witnessed HR Outsourcing becoming a way of life for many organizations. It avails companies operating costs and streamlines processes while fixating the main objective.


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       Seaport-Airport Road, Vallathol Junction,
       Kakkanad, Kochi, 682028, Kerala

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