Social Media Marketing
Consultants of Ourea-the best digital marketing company in Kerala consultants takes systematic approach to create visibility among the targeted audience to define your niche market and attract the right customers via Instagram,FB, Linkedin, Tweeter, Pintrest & other digital platforms.


In Ourea ,we adopt a consistent & innovative approach towards developing and implementing digital marketing strategies after understanding the client’s overall requirements .Our vibrant & professional digital marketing consultants conduct a systematic audit to analyse the effectiveness of existing digital initiatives of the new client. Further, we prepare a deep customer insight of your targeted audience & the market including customer personas along with benchmarking the competitors.Accordingly we identify the areas needs to be worked upon which could be beneficial in the long tenure. Based on the outcome of the audit and insights, as one of the leading digital marketing agency in Kerala ,we formulate result oriented digital marketing strategy that focuses on increasing traffic thereby conversions and scale upROI.


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Are you looking for generating leads for your business through social media handles ?

Social Media Marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.

Are you looking forward to create visibility among the targeted audience to define your niche market and attract the right customers via Instagram,FB, Linkedin, Tweeter, Pintrest & other digital platforms

Do you wish to divert visitor to your page making it a hot lead & to enhance your sales funnel ?

Then your at the right place as we are the best digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala.

Our approach in smm


Ourea being the best social media marketing  company in Kerala  understands the role of social media in your business their in  coming up with innovative and trendy ideas to enhance your business exponentially.

We begin with the proposal and get you onboard; soon after, we start creating concepts, designs and ideas to bring out the best result.After all the contemplation, feedback and improvisation we go ahead with the development stage. 

The development stage lasts till you are satisfied. Confirmation from your side is our green light and we deliver your necessity with perfection.

digital marketing ideas




The content and picture chosen for the post should be attractive and soothing plus relevant.


Videos can be different and an interesting way to portray your point. It grabs more and better attention.


Any relevant informative content can be spaced properly and organised into multiple slides giving it a more approachable way


An innovative and fun way to understand the information, be it a pictorial comic or a strong business point.


Blog engagement can be a great source of leads and hence the content creator needs to be extraordinary.


An excellent way to reach out to a wide range of audience by full screen stories and swipe ups.

Copy Writing for Social media

Creating extra-ordinary, relevant and valuable content can help to uphold and increase audience in social media. Conceptual & attractive writing is very essential for digital marketing campaigns, social media head contents ,poster contents ,blogs as it about and for the business. Consistency in the same can enhance the value and recognition of your brand leading more and better awareness of your business. In Ourea, we understand this need and generate content for the target audience leading to a higher lead generation.

Why Choose us for Social media marketing

Ourea has been chosen by majority for their market support & is recognised as one of the leading marketing agency in Kerala for the strategic marketing services we offer & the benefits the clients absorb out of it in their business.

Social media management

Ourea helps you manage your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn act & initiate engagement with the targeted audience & drive a return on investment (ROI) . With our competitive social media management services can boost your business with its digital presence – increasing brand awareness & help in generating leads

Benefits of our social media management services


Account creation & management


Account creation & management


Account creation & management


Account creation & management


Account creation & management


Account creation & management

Social media Optimisation

Social media optimisation (SMO) encourages businesses to analyse, audit and twist & teek both the content and accounts to adopt the best practices of social media.We help you get benefitted from our expertise on how to optimise your social media platforms to maximise influence with our comprehensive, integrated approach .

At Ourea, being the prominent digital media marketing agency in Kerala ,we help our clients through social media optimisation in the following ways


Ourea’s team of experts will help you to build your business through right digital marketing strategies via SEO , SMO, social media & paid marketing. Being the prominent digital marketing company, we also have bright content writers for Content Marketing. They are specialised in creating content with dig deep research and optimum understanding of SEO within the deadline. Email marketing services are also provided for added value to your business in communication, generating leads and legal uses. Connect us to enhance your business digital presence from the best digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala.


Ourea helps you with catchy & impactful marketing campaigns that will increase your ROI and strategically expand your digital presence.With creative & conceptualised posts, we plan & execute brand awareness & lead generating campaigns that will enhance your audience participation.We help you to strategise your business by building your recognition among your customers to see you as an influencer in your industry

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness campaigns are conducted to increase brand reach among your targeted audience .The promotional & attractive campaigns create a recall among the potential customers so that they recognise your brand. The intention is to build awareness among target community to help the consumers become more familiar with a new product from your brand. Among targeted market segment searches for a product or service within your industry, our focus would be to make them bring the though of your brand to come into their mind.Connect us for building brand outreach for your product/service

Lead generation

Ourea as one of best digital marketing company in Kerala plan & execute impactful marketing campaigns with promotional assets that helps adding potential customers to clientele. We help you leverage the engagement power of your built in community.Our lead generation plans are targeted based on marketing segmentation as per your needs attracting a massive number of qualified leads.Our Digital marketing experts tap your customers with ideal offers engaging land pages.We help your nurture business opportunities to boost the ROI of your venture through successful lead generation campaigns