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Connections are all we crave for! No matter what, we all exist on that connection. What we love, is to connect our Sagaas which withholds our company.We focus on influence, experience , and inspiration.

Ragaa Without marketing, business is blunt!

Just same as ragaa, to the music. You could create music even without lyrics, but never without ragaa!

Prayagaa The pathfinder to your business!

You have shoes, you have the polish! But if you dont know how to polish, you lose the shine! Prayagaa gives you that shine!

Drishya Visualizing the future!

A thousand words leave not the same impression as does a single visual! Drishya is the drone to your business.

Sargaa Discovering distinct molecules!

Your business need photosynthesis. And we bring you water, sunshine and energy in the right proportion!

Ourea transmutes into our unique system seven primordial deities of the Greek mythology –

Nysa, Athena, Kithairon, Oreus, Olympus, Helicon, Athos.

Ourea has set these seven facades symbolic of seven human traits

And at Ourea, these personas are embodied into our inner core, values and beliefs and engrained into our work philosophy as we offer you end-to-end corporate and non corporate solutions personified through our seven domains –

Sargaa, Prayagaa, Raaga, Drishyaa, Mantraa, Kalisthaa & Nirvanaa.

About Us

“We are bunch of creative people who collaborate their technical expertise along with creative skill set to deliver the top notch services”

Being Ourea
Being unique is our specialty, as we believe that an idea is all there to stand out from the pack and we here are to make that idea of yours evolve & to evolve with you.
We focus on influence, experience, and inspiration. We are here to march with you guiding in the talent search, recruiting, training, digital brand, marketing, strategic implementation, and business growth. We are here to understand you, making your strengths stronger and your vulnerability the strongest.

Explore Saagas

Our Services

Like every human being, Ourea also has a body and soul, the Ourea Corp and the Ourean Soul. Ourea corp indulges in the day-to-day activities of the corporate world strengthening the skeletal system of the organization. Alternatively, the Ourean soul has domains involving the creative and eloquent activities of the firm.


HR Management

Sargaa’s plan of action is to improve your work environment whilst aligning administration tasks encased from recruitment and HR audits to employee management and payrolls.


Marketing & Branding Venture

Ragaa’s team will fortify your position in the industry while engendering marketing strategies through PR and branding efforts.


Training Hub

Our team of prayagaa prepares you and your brace for the real war out there by giving corporate training and academic training.


IT Wing

Team Drishya offers technology solutions through web application and mobile application development accommodations.

News & Events

Keeping you up-to date with latest information, news, events and our activities

Anooja Bashir, the founder, was featured in the two leading newspapers Mathrubhoomi and Indian Express. Her dedication towards supporting those in need was appreciated. Manorama online additionally apperceives the goodness of her actions while she narrated the story of an entrepreneur in her convivial approach.


“However the beautiful is the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results & trends”

The industry is changing every then and now. If individuals and organization who are in business are not updated, then you are stuck in the hamster wheel of your daily task and unaware of where the world is heading to. You don’t watch the trends you can easily go running in the wrong direction of ages without never get closer to your destination.
Keep updated, get informed via our blogs to create freshness and innovation in your product and services.









Our Clients

The Skeletal of our organization who make us,
Our very own Clients!!!
Know us through them…


   104 A, First Floor, AR3 Chambers,
       Seaport-Airport Road, Vallathol Junction,
       Kakkanad, Kochi, 682028, Kerala

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