Ourea_main_bg LETS BEGIN WE'RE OUREA THE BRANDING & IT CONSULTANCY We are the leading branding & IT company in Kochi, Kerala who are experts in building brands, providing digital solutions, marketing strategies and business support to clients. We focus on influence, experience and inspirations by building right connections. Sputnik ourea_IT OUREA - DESIGNS BRANDING & DESIGNING CONSULTANCY We work with Brands to transform their business vision into reality through conceptualised designs that communicates rightly with your targeted audience. LETS BEGIN ourea_digitalmarketing OUREA - MARKETING DIGITAL & STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY Without Marketing & business cannot be positioned in a competitive market.We are a digital marketing agency who adapts strategic approach to grow & scale your business by building your digital presence. Sputnik LETS BEGIN ourea_hr_training OUREA - IT & WEB DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY Visualising is the future. Ourea IT is the drone to your business that provides custom web development E-Commerce solutions & Application Development to help client to ease their IT issues. LETS BEGIN