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Who We Are

Ourea is your one stop shop solution for all your corporate needs. We are the prominent business management consultancy in Kochi, focused on providing Branding, HR & Training, Digital Marketing,Web Development and other IT Services.

about us

We craft Brands. We create Stories 

We make you Digital .We build your Tech

IT Services

OTHER IT SERVICES  Mobile App development | Web Maintenance  

We create Transformation We carve Professionals

Training Solutions


MENTORING & COACHING    Corporate Mentoring | Personal MentoringBusiness mentoring  

We develop Resources , We  strengthen Organizations 

HR Solutions

STAFFING  SOLUTIONS    Executive Search | Recruitment Solutions | Contractual Staffing  


Ourea is your one stop shop solution for all your corporate needs. We are the prominent business management consultancy in Kochi, focused on providing Branding, HR & Training, Digital Marketing,Web Development and other IT Services.

We have built more than 500+ clients across the globe with our 7 verticals with our vibrant and talented who has handled more than 300+ projects.

We create





We craft Brands. We create Stories 

Brand research
  • Brand research
  • Brand development 
  • Competitor analysis
  • Target audience 
  • Brand naming
  • Logo concept design
  • Brand story
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand tone
  • Brand personality 
  • Brand message 
  • USPs  & value proposition  
  • Brand guide[ Do’s & Don’ts ]
  • Typography & alignment  
  • Brand story
  • Brand identity design

We strategies solutions. We build business 

  • Strategic marketing 
  • Marketing implementation
  • Marketing consultation
  • SEO | SMM | SMO
  • Content marketing 
  • Email marketing 
  • Paid marketing 
  • Visual design 
  • Website design 
  • Exhibition events 
  • Explanatory videos 
  • Logo revealing 
  • Service video
  • Animation videos
it services

We make you Digital. We build your Tech

  • Node js
  • Python
  • Php
  • React
  • Ghost 
  • WordPress
  • .Net 
  • Application development 
  • ios
  • Android   
  • Ticket and support 
  • Design and development   
  • Daily maintenance 

We create Transformation We carve Professionals

  • Communication skills 
  • Soft skills
  • Corporate etiquette 
  • Technical course
  • Marketing course 
  • Design course 
  • Personal mentoring 
  • Corporate mentoring 
  • Business mentoring 
HR Consulting

We develop Resources, We  strengthen Organizations 

  • HR management 
  • HR outsource
  • HR skill training
  • HR software 
  • HR consultancy 
  • Payroll services 
  • Executive search 
  • Recruitment solutions 
  • Contractual staffing 
career advise
  • Job interviews
  • CV & cover letters 
  • Career start
  • Career advise  


Marketing & Branding Venture

Ragaa’s team will fortify your position in the industry while engendering marketing strategies through PR and branding efforts.



IT Services & Maintenance

Team Drishya offers technology solutions through web application and mobile application development accommodations.



Training Hub

Our team of prayagaa prepares you and your brace for the real war out there by giving corporate training and academic training.




Sargaa's plan of action is to improve your work environment whilst aligning administration tasks encased from recruitment and HR audits to employee management and payrolls.

Why choose us

Quality Service

We offer quality services through all of our verticals tailored specifically to meet our customers wants and needs.

The Right Team

One of the key success factors of our business is our team, who are a bunch of creative, talented, skilled people committed towards maintaining the company standards.

Strategic Planning

Our pitch perfect stratergies and long term visions along with proper utilization of resources promotes business growth.

Perfect Coordination

Our blend and coordination of interdepartnent and intradepartment serves us to achieve organsiational growth.

Self Motivated

Our never giving up attitude and self motivating approach drives us ahead to always take the leap for upper levels with proper guidance and leadership of our management.

Team of experts

Creative and talented bunch of experts in various verticals work hand in hand to provide end to end corporate solutions to our clients.

Goal oriented

We are focused and dedicated to provide our client 100 percentage satisfaction with atmost sincerity and hardwork.

Technology driven

Our IT crew is always updated with the development happening in the techworld so that business and technology are in perfect alignment allowing organization to reach the zenith.

our procesS
client interaction

When a Client approaches  Ourea for a project, we figure out their requirements and deadlines. After a series of discussion with the client and with in the team, we finally come up with a strategy for the particular customer need which is expressed in the form of proposal listing all the details of the project.

project creation

The project will be activated once an advance payment of 50% is paid from the client . The project is initiated and  passed to the various departments as per guidelines and work will be completed within the stipulated time mentioned. A client review is done and two revisions are allowed for the customer before we schedule the invoice. 

continuing support

Final milestone for payment is activated once the client is satisfied with our work.

Eventually we provide our topnotch service for bringing the brand to it’s best and delivering it with at most passion and satisfaction to the client. We will be providing 30 days of support to the clients after delivery of project.

Words from Industries Giant players
People who have marked an impression with their profiles in their own respective field vouch for us.
Atul Raj
Executive Vice President, Global Marketing
Wadhwani Foundation

Anooja is quintessential Entrepreneur with a clear vision and roadmap.I have admired her passion and commitment and the energy she exudes is infectious I am privy to the hardwork she is putting on her venture.She embodies the 4 Ps to be successful -Passion,Preseverance,Personality and Pro activeness.I have no doubt that Ourea is climbing to a known name in business circles with its branding and marketing expertise .

Murali Krishna
Head ,Investments & Stratergy
Kolte Patil Group

I have known Anooja for many years ,but the depth and width of her marketing knowledge never ceases to amaze me.Her two traits distinguish her from her competitors -One is her uncanny abilities of creating awesome designs for brands and the other is her focus on marketing as a stratergic support to business objectives.

Sadaru Chowdary
Founder and CEO
Vanaaha academy

Anooja exemplifies a rock domain knowlege which makes a great coach and a speaker .Her authenticity over the verticals she handles is worth appreciating .It’s indeed a privilege to collaborate and work together on training domain as she brings magic to every assignment she takes up.I strongly vouch Ourea over its competitor’s for their standard quality they maintain with speed in project delivery.

Siddharth Mohanty
Co-Founder & Director
Powerly AI

Anooja is one of the most creative person I have associated for various ventures .Her venture Ourea has successfully emerged in a holistic way exhibiting superb works across design buisness ecology.Be it strategy or creativity ,she has been doing it outstanding Her initiatives,verves and gumption excelled in all spades coz of her commitment and passion.

Avijit Nanda
Fintech expert
CEO,Times of money

Analytical thinking with amazing creativity combined with perfect communication skills enables Anooja to comprehend and articulate clients requirements.Meticulous planning and eye for details with tech savy team makes Ourea ,one of the best in the Marketing & IT industry.

Matt Henry
Global Director

The team always has exhibited top notch quality works, whether be it in designing or web development.They have conveyed our visions in the websites done for us beautifully. Every single project ,Vinod and Naman has worked for me was brilliant and delivered on time perfectly.

Nothing is as impressive as visualising!! Lets take you on a journey of the stories we created.
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Customers about us
The Skeletal of our organization who make us, Our very own Clients!!! Know us through them…
Riyas Abdul Rehman
Redfox Automobiles

Ourea’s HR has supported our business in establishing a solid talent base by helping us in sourcing and selecting the right talent.

Rajesh Nair
Pinnacle PMC

The bottom line is that sargaa has made sourcing and head-hunting easier as we got to the right resources faster. Thank you for making the sourcing process a very pleasant experience.

Faizal Savio
Faizal Fitness

Team Ourea is so talented and professional with their designing & branding works .! I got my beautiful personal website done through them.I assure you that there are pitch perfect ones at their job!!

Dr Shaheen
Moi Dentz
Managing Director

Ourea has excellent ideas, reasonable prices, and they deliver the final product with exceptional quality and timeliness . I really vouch for them for their excellent branding works.

David Mills

Ourea’s web-development and application services are beyond words, their attention to detail and the swiftness of the crew is amazing. We will definitely recommend Naman for there IT Services.

Matt Winen

Team Ourea has impeccable skill set when it comes to the IT services. It was truly a pleasure working with the crew for the extra mile efforts you did for developing my website.

Marcel Stredak
ECommerce Labs

Ourea has made an extreme effort to solve my tech issues, Naman their IT head has been very patient and highly professional to work with.

Deepu G Panickar
Director, Operations

The training was very inspirational and energising with lot of corporate ideas that was fully practical oriented to our students. Well done for the excellent efforts.

Managing PartnerAlkapuri Hotel

Ourea’s Marketing has really helped me with their creative social media posts. It was great having a team that truly cares about our business needs.

Ashley Knight
The Ashley Knight Co.

Ourea has created my personal website with the utmost perfection; they have built my website with my essence and every time I open my page it brings this great joy.

Sunny Choudhary
Portraitflip ECommerce Pvt. Ltd.

Ourea has provided me with a custom development work and given the best platform for my art. No one than Naman could have done a better job.

Mark Moko

Ourea understood our needs and worked with us for the most worthy website. Ourea does the magic that we yearn.

Satheesh Raj
Evion Powercop
Managing Director

The strategies presented and brought up by Anooja have given amazing turns to our venture. she calculates and brings out the best possible marketing strategies.

Robin Thomas

Bringing the best from the given resources is an art and Ourea possess that master.

Aboobucker Siddique

Anooja’s planning and marketing strategies are just so accurate that nothing can fail with that spirit. Kudos! For the amazing abilities and talent.

Shibi Sam

Making my work into the brand that we desired in such perfection and quality is something commendable


Anooja has been an exceptional mentor to me. Her kindness, willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I’ve learned from. Beyond that, as a mentor she has always tried to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mould me to her perspective.

Hareesh Babu

We approached Ourea for our Recruitment requirements. Their team of professionals did a wonderful job and provided us with appropriate candidates. You can definitely count on them for new hires.

RV Abdul Latheef

Being into real estate, we were looking for marketing analysis support. Ourea’s marketing strategies helped us to make our mark in the real estate field. Kudos to the team!. Trust us Ourea will be your best marketing strategist partner.

Reji Thompson
Chair Canberra Indian business Group

Ourea’s content marketing and content management is just classic and awesome. The best in the industry without any fall, they know just what to write and show.

Munish Jindhal
HoverRobotics CEO

Ourea’s conceptualisations are remarkable. The extraordinary comes with the flow, their social management is a delight and helps very much well in lead generations.


Combine Arc

Ourea’s Marketing has really helped me with their creative social media posts. It was great having a team that truly cares about our business needs.


Ragunath Nair
Sanjeevani Lifecare

Marketing plans by Anooja is so perfect, as they understand the necessary and act accordingly. They find the right path for you.



Project Cordinator

Ourea Academy has helped me beyond words, they trained in multiple ways to enhance my fortes and dormant skills. They trained me in Planning and Civil Management allowing me to be a perfect professional. Ourea will always have my gratitude.



Marketing Consultant

 I’ve always wanted more than a usual marketing job, Ourea understood this passion and helped me become the strategist I dreamed of helping me to be a professional in every possible way.



Web Developer

The journey from a passionate web developer to a professional and knowledged web developer was shown and guided by Ourea Academy. They have indeed tranformed my skills into a professional.




Teena Sujith
Marketing manager

Being an MBA graduate was just a degree for me until Ourea took me under their wings. I was upskilled and trained by Anooja Ma’am to be the professional that I am today.




ECommerce Labs Director

Ourea has made an extreme effort to solve my tech issues, Naman their IT head has been very patient and highly professional to work with.



Our trusted clients