Organisational training and workforce competencies and task readiness

There are many major as well as subtle differences while you are training small teams or departments against while you are in the responsibility of designing frameworks for training a much larger organisation. This is precisely because the larger organisation is much more complex with its own hierarchical and reporting structure when compared to small

On job training as a means to assess employees and close the skill gaps

Career upskilling has become a key word in the current day world that one needs to give it the deserved importance. The learning and development wing of the organisation is one which closely watches both the organisation and industry trends and it actually delves into providing key inputs to all other departments in terms of

The new age marketing landscape offers not much room for failures

You have created and conceptualised a brand of your own and it now needs customers and loyal followers. The art and science of doing it right still offers a lot of blindspots which are overlooked by many. A brand is all about the brand promise and for the customers it is about elements which they

The Marketing La La Land – Where the world is Going?

Marketing in the recent past has not been regarded as a key company activity with other functions like finance, operations, supply chain, strategy and HR gaining upper hand, and it was also not a glamorous profession either until a few pioneers and gurus actually explored the science of marketing and made it popular. Not all

Top 5 Best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins

Customers do add products of their interest to their shopping carts but end up without purchasing. This is a very common challenge faced by online stores. We all know that ¨Necessity is the mother of invention¨. So when there is an increased concern with abandoned carts, we need a solution for the same. ¨Take your

Digital transformation in small and medium enterprises

The modern world has reached the space where we can grow out of the time of fuss, we can utilize incipient, expeditious and frequent transmuting digital technology to solve quandaries. Some of these enhance the capabilities of traditional software products. Digital transformation has now reached virtually all components of business and enhances the efficiency of

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