Strategic marketing
Joining hands with Ourea, you can be assured that all the latest trends and changes in the industry will be utilized for your organization which will ensure maximum reach to the target audience and the desired market.

We are


experienced players in the development and implementation of result-oriented marketing strategies. 

We help corporates, SMES, and Startups build their brand and achieve business growth. Our network of associates, clients, and partners are spread across the world and thus we do not have location constraints. 

We promise to DELIVER YOUR NEEDS with cost-effective strategies.

Our Marketing Services

Marketing is an integral part of any business or organisation, exuding the business face of the brand and what it entails as a product and services. A marketing consultant is responsible for defining marketing strategies, identifying the most appropriate message, and executing these strategies for businesses.


Why do businesses need a marketing assessment? The answer is simple — it’ll enable you to use a mirror showing where you stand and what you need to incorporate into your strategy to acquire new leads and generate more business.Wondering about the key elements of an assessment and what marketers look at when auditing a business? you’ve come to the right place, Ourea.


The original game plan for any marketing of a brand is in actuality the strategising of it.A marketing strategy contains the company’s value proposition and its key message along with data of the demographics of the target audience among many elements.Ourea gives the four P’s of marketing – product, price, place, and promotion  which will  gain a sustainable competitive advantage over rival companies.

MARKETING Implementation

Marketing Implementation ensures a very carefully driven role process of taking your marketing plan and assigning team members to execute it, setting deadlines to complete tasks, and creating the collateral needed to achieve your marketing goals.While a marketing plan lives on paper, it won’t translate to results unless you have a clear implementation strategy to pursue.

Ourea offers

Customer Segmentation And Targeting

Value Proposition

Strategic Positioning

Product Management

Pricing Strategy

Marketing Communication And Promotion

Distribution Channels

Sales Excellence

Through the right mix of acquiring brand positioning, website health, competitive analysis, SEO performance and social media presence, Ourea will give the right cocktail of business lead.We enable a suited plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of their products or services.A perfect marketing plan has no worth without a proper implementation strategy.Trust us as we are best marketing company in Kochi, Kerala

Our strategy process

Ourea is a pro in strategising your business goal into that deal of a big wave of futuristic development that will take your brand into being the next big thing.Our carefully monitored and mentored approach delves deep into penetrating the market nuances for you and then guiding you to take the big leap only makes your journey to success ease.







We are experts in


We help you to develop and implement client support processes. We promise to increase your customer satisfaction and business growth.


We promise full support for your sales team in solving issues and analysing lost opportunities. We can help your sales process in achieving business growth.


We help you to develop and implement client support processes. We promise to increase your customer satisfaction and business growth. 

Ourea has a magic wand that creates the ultimate sale tactics for you with a  team of best marketing experts in Kochi and innovation methods to help to accelerate your business growth and scale up your ROI.Every market has ups and downs, so here, we ensure your brand gets suitable marketing issue resolvements to gain improvement in performance.

Targeting the business objectives systematically

We adopt the best strategic marketing practices with our pool of experts who have more than a decade of experience making us the leading marketing agency in India. We help our clients scale up &  grow by identifying which markets they need to penetrate for consistent business growth.We ensure a systematic & strategic marketing approach that aligns with your sales to drive revenue and increase your ROI. We are one of the top-rated marketing agencies in Kerala offering  pitch-perfect marketing services for developing a  smooth & productive process within your company with timely implementation


Ourea aims to deliver your brand into the heart of the targeted audience and works round the clock on optimal strategies that can garner only profitable growth for you. We, at Ourea, refer to an inverted pyramid method to improve your lead generation into sales through aligning, organising and optimising your business goals. With our tactics and promise of cost-effective solutions, confidentiality, integrity, customisation, and success, the road to delivering the perfect pitch ain’t afar as we are the best sales & marketing company in Kerala.




Supplement DIGITAL ADS



Demand generation process

At Ourea being the best marketing & sales agency in Kochi ,we adopt methods of optimal marketing strategies, to make your brand get a definite placement & successful growth with new or existing products.Increasing the market share of your brand is our promise and an expansion in the market is a win-win for all.


Phase 1 - plan

Establish a realistic budget for marketing. Starts with a selling strategy and target points


Creation of visual design and content for grabbing target attention.


Identify the right platforms for social media ads to reach the buyers persona through buyer’s journey.


Phase 2 - implementation

Evaluation, Analysis and management of content to impress the customers

Ensuring proper tech support with right tools like digital marketing, to optimize the sales & marketing funnel

Connecting Touch points and establishing a link with customer along buyers journey 

Phase 3 - Optimise

Collecting all marketing and IT systems

Focus and constant upgradation

Prioritizing of what matters and aligning accordingly to get better ROI