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POSITION : Digital Marketer | EXPERIENCE : 0+Year's

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Digital Marketer who plays a pivotal role in driving online visibility, engagement, and conversions for a brand or business through various digital channels and strategies for the organization. The preferred candidate should be based in Kochi and will operate from our office six days a week.


  • Develop and implement comprehensive digital marketing strategies aligned with business goals.
  • Optimize website content and structure for search engines to improve organic visibility.
  • Create and manage engaging content across various digital platforms.
  • Plan, execute, and manage social media campaigns to enhance brand presence and engagement.
  • Design and execute email marketing campaigns, including segmentation and analysis.
  • Plan and manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for search engines and social media platforms.
  • Monitor and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) using analytics tools to measure campaign success.
  • Implement strategies to improve website conversion rates.
  • Develop and manage digital advertising campaigns across various platforms.
  • Effectively manage digital marketing budgets to optimize ROI.
  • Monitor and manage the online reputation of the brand.
  • Conduct market research to identify trends and opportunities.
  • Implement strategies to drive online sales for e-commerce platforms.
  • Utilize CRM systems to manage customer data and improve customer engagement.
  • Develop and execute mobile marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Create and optimize video content for digital platforms.
  • Monitor and analyze competitor digital marketing strategies.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and emerging digital marketing technologies.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including design, content, and sales teams.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant digital marketing regulations and standards.
  • Maintain brand consistency across all digital channels.
  • Stay informed and share knowledge about digital marketing trends and best practices.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or a related field. 
  • Proven experience in digital marketing roles
  • In-depth understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) principles and practices.
  • Proficient in content creation for various digital platforms. .
  • Strong knowledge of social media platforms, trends, and best practices for business.
  • Experience in executing effective email marketing campaigns.
  • Proficiency in managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on platforms like Google Ads & social media.
  • Ability to effectively manage digital marketing budgets to achieve optimal ROI.
  • Creative thinking to develop engaging and innovative digital campaigns.
  • Familiarity with digital marketing tools, platforms, and emerging technologies.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Efficient time management to handle multiple projects and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to identify challenges and develop effective solutions.